About Pixelbee Design Studio

Jeff Fusterer is a Riverside-based graphic designer and photographer. He started Pixelbee Design Studio in 2011. The goal at Pixelbee is to “capture the buzz you crave.” Whether you’re a person or a business, you know that Pixelbee will guide its clients to the best solution that will fulfill their needs. Jeff actually stumbled upon graphic design while he was in college. He was fortunate enough to enroll in an English class that was taught on a Macintosh computer. That experience started the spark that made Jeff want to learn more about computers. The following semester, he enrolled in a desktop publishing class that was also taught on a Mac. He became hooked ever since. Jeff would go on and learn advanced graphic design, as well as web design skills in his spare time, while earning a degree in Graphic Design.

After a few years doing graphic design, Jeff recognized the need for quality photos and started teaching himself photography. He bought himself a DSLR camera and started taking pictures of family and friends who would tolerate him sticking a lens into their faces. Despite being mostly self-taught, Jeff knew the importance of having an education. So he went back to school and received his degree in Photography.

Throughout this time, Jeff has worked as a graphic designer and as a photographer in a variety of industries, including a company that provided plumbing & HVAC for new homes, an aerospace and industrial valve manufacturer, at a school district that focused on new and modernization classroom projects, and a public relations firm.

Services & Capabilities

Web Design & Maintenance
Website design
Front-end development
WordPress development (including custom themes and plugins)
Website management
Server management
Ecommerce design
Graphic Design
Flyers, brochures & pamphlets

Awards & Recognition

2013 SkillsUSA National Competition
Photography: Bronze Medal
Best in Show: Conceptual Art
2013 SkillsUSA State Competition
Photography: Gold Medal
2013 SkillsUSA Regional Competition
Photography: Gold Medal