California School News Report

California School News Report (CASNR) is an online media service developed to promote media coverage of events, programs and services in California schools—creating a coordinated pipeline of school news that is current, diverse and thorough. CASNR is a service provided by VMA Communications, a full-service bilingual/bicultural communications firm focused on developing policy-driven public affairs programs and increased community awareness.

VMA came to Pixelbee with the core purpose of CASNR in mind. Pixelbee helped fulfill VMA’s vision by creating a WordPress-based environment, utilizing custom post types and customized programming. This allows VMA to easily manage their clients’ articles and to constantly update the site with new press releases and news events.

A recent addition to the website is their weekly podcast, California School News Radio. It features weekly guests, including students, educators and school officials, that talk about what’s going right in California schools. Pixelbee created a new section of their site that highlights the most recent broadcast as well as a list of past episodes.