CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group Presentation Folder

CIRCOR Aerospace Products (CAP) group was formed in 2007. The group brought together several diverse groups of components—including fluid controls, landing gears, and motors—under one umbrella. With the formation of this new group, new and existing clients may not have been aware of what CAP can offer in terms of products and capabilities. The group was also interested in expanding their offerings through acquisitions.

To meet the needs of this dynamic group, this presentation folder and accompanying company inserts was developed. The inserts describes each company’s product lines and their capabilities.

One of the main purposes for the folder and inserts was to allow salespersons to tailor the contents of each packet to fit the clients’ needs. For example, a potential new client might not be interested in landing gears offered by a group company, but another existing client who might now be aware of this capability might. Salespersons could also include other marketing materials such as catalogs and data sheets inside the folder.

Additionally, the folder and inserts saved the group from having to discard and recreate CAP marketing materials (i.e., brochures, etc.) after acquiring a new company into the group. Rather than tossing out, updating, and reprinting brochures to incorporate the new company, a new insert could now be created and added to the folder. The inserts were also printed on-demand so that the latest information was available on each sheet. This also reduced the risk of having bulk stock of inserts that could quickly become out-of-date.