HOKE® Ball Valves Catalog

Since 1925, HOKE has been a leading manufacturer of fluid controls for industrial applications. Their products can be found in a diverse range of markets, including the alternative fuels, chemical & petrochemical, OEM, oil & gas, power generation, and pulp & paper markets.

At the time, each series in HOKE’s ball valves line had its own product data sheet that was printed in full color on card stock. Some of the information in these sheets were out-of-date, and new sheets needed to be created for some recently introduced product series. Finally, downloadable versions of the data sheets were not available on their website.

When it came time to update the product data sheets, the primary goal was to reduce printing costs. It was also important that all the information on the sheets were updated and readily available on their website to download.

The solution was to redesign each product data sheet into a one-color (black & white) design, then combine them into one catalog. All the graphics were revised and converted into black and white. For the new product series, photos and illustrations were created for the data sheets, then included into the new catalog.

Once approved, the redesigned product data sheets and new catalog were added to the HOKE website. When inventory of physical catalogs were low, the printer had a similar file for the catalog that was ready for print. The cover was printed on a thick stock of paper and the inside pages on standard paper, all in one color.

This project eventually served as a template for other product lines that also needed updating.